Agility1st Membership

There is a joining fee to become a member, this is £50.00 for the first year and £25.00 per annum thereafter. You need to be a member to gain access to the modules and exclusive material not available to anyone else.

We ask you to pay an annual membership fee in return for which you will receive:

  • Access to our community of agility instructors and a great deal of experience in agility training methods and techniques
  • A reserved place at our annual Instructors conference held in November each year
  • On-line training of the highest quality
  • Access to our on line training resources and planning materials
  • Once you have been accredited you will be able eligible to have your name advertised on our ‘find an agility instructor’ page for people wanting to get quality agility training from you and use the Agility1st logo on your web site, logo etc..
  • Support for your continuous personal development with unique access to standalone modules.

Future developments

  • In the coming months we are going to enhance the capability of our on-line offering to allow you to create, manage and store your lesson plans with us on your individual members page
  • We are investigating the feasibility of providing the capability to enable you to use a tablet computer to create, manage and store your lesson plans as well
  • In the longer term we are pursuing our aim of becoming an accredited UK Sport centre for training coaches.

As ever we are continually looking for innovative ways of providing you with the training to become a more effective instructor and coach with Agility1st.