How it works

We have developed the Agility1st Instructor and Coaching Training to be as flexible as possible to fit in with your learning needs and in a way that suits your lifestyle. The initial learning is based on reading through and testing your understanding of the Agility1st training modules which are all available on-line. Once you have successfully completed the all the modules in the set you will be eligible for the practical assessment by one of our qualified Agility1st Assessors.


When you have reached the required level of knowledge and we are confident that you are able to train dogs and handlers to the necessary standard you will be accredited as an Agility1st Instructor or Agility1st Coach depending on which course you are enrolled on. We also offer on-line courses for Recreational or Fun Agility Instructors – our Agility1st Trainer Course.

Once you have achieved “Accredited Instructor” status and you have paid your annual memberships fees you will be eligible for the following:

  • Use of the “Agility1st Instructor”, etc. description and logo on your marketing material, clothing, web site and social media sites.
  • All discounts and special offers we have negotiated with our business partners.
  • Access to our members forum and advice from the Agility1st experts.
  • A reserved place on the annual Agility1st seminar.

Online Learning

Once you have signed up and paid for to one of our on-line courses the first module will be available for you to work through. You will need to set aside about 10 days to complete each module comfortably. The aim is for you to read and understand each module and then to do some background research yourself pulling together all the information you have on the subject and any other background information you may have about your experience as a dog trainer generally or as an agility instructor.

Assessing Your Understanding of the Modules

At the end of each module you will be required to pass a test consisting of up to 15 questions, this is to check your understanding of the content of each module. This will be used to evaluate your level of understanding of the subject and experience at instructing to the required level to pass the practical assessment at the end of the course. When you are ready you can complete the module assessment questions and when you have achieved the standard required the next module will become available and so on until you have finished all the modules.

Practical Assessment

Practical assessment will take place over one or two days (depending on the course you have registered for). You can book the assessment when you have completed at least 4 of the modules.

Details of our Course & Module Pathways