Getting through these difficult times

Hi, Karen and I have been busy behind the scenes working on improvements to the web site and on the coaching assessment – more about that at a later date.

We’ve also been thinking about how we can help people get through this difficult time due to the coronavirus outbreak. We’ve decided to host a live video broadcast on Friday 20th March at 7pm on our Inner Agility Facebook Group.

The broadcast is going to based around our coaching skills, mental resilience and my experience of working from home; which I’ve been doing for the last five years.

The Inner Agility group is a closed group available to people who have attended one of our seminars.  However, given the current situation and our wish to help people, we’re opening up this group to Agility1st members too.

Simply go to the Inner Agility group3646213F-B41A-4A5F-AB74-83147C599B60 and request access and we’ll approve it.