Course Design App Guidance

The Agility 1st Course Designer allows you to be create training and competition courses.  You are able to measure distances between obstacles to give you a complete course distance from which you can then apply the time matrix to give you a course time as per Kennel Club Guidelines.

How to Use the Programme
When you open the app (or web version)  you will have a blank course area and the obstacle icons at the top of your screen.

Setting the Course Size
The course size is set in metres – simply use the sliders at the top of the screen to adjust the size of your course area.  You can do this at any time, giving you the facility to adjust courses once you have started working.

Viewing the course
You can zoom in on the course using the normal pinch and zoom techniques on the ipad, this allows you to see fine adjustments and to easily tap the correct icons when you have several close together.

Naming your Course
Course Title allows you to give the course a name for example Hinckley Show 1-3 Combined Agility.  The notes field allows you to add details such as date, times, notes etc.  Both the title and notes will be exported onto your final course plan (see later notes for how to do this).

Adding, Editing and Deleting Obstacles
Tap the icon which represents the obstacle you want to add.  The obstacle will automatically appear at the top left of the course area. Drag the obstacle to where it needs to go on the course.  Under the obstacle there is a rotate arrow for you to position obstacles.  At the top left of the obstacle icon there is a x, tap this to remove the obstacle from your course.  Some elements allow you to flip them left and right – there are indicated with <> at the top right of the element on the course map.

  • For obstacles where there are different options – Weaves and Long Jumps – tap the icon and a drop down list will appear with the different sizes, this will disappear as you select the option you need.
  • For the flexible tunnel, it will apear as straight by default – use the grab handles to shape the tunel for your course.
  • There is a clear screen option which will allow you to remove everything and start again (with a confirmation pop up so you don’t accidently lose your work!)

 Numbering Obstacles
All obstacles can be given a number, there are two options – red and blue to allow you to design courses for team competitions / training.

Saving and Exporting
Your course can be saved within the app for you to edit later (please note that you cannot access a course you have made on an online version of the programme or vice versa).

There is an export function that will save the file as a jpg for you to be able to share with others, upload into your Agility1st coursework or email to others.

If you would like to give us any feedback on the programme please email us at