Agility1st Instructor wins Business of the Year Award

josieJosie Spurling and the team from Sussex County Dog Training have recently won business of the year award. Here’s Josie’s story.

I first became passionate about dog training and agility from a young age. It became clear to me when I joined Sussex County Dog Training that attitude was paramount to any performance or teaching and that skills and knowledge could be acquired during personal development. I loved working with Agility 1st. The core of their business and development scheme had the same ethos for attitude as Sussex County did and enhanced my knowledge and teaching skill as I progressed through their Instructor and then Coach level.

At Sussex County Dog Training we strive to build wonderful relationships between owners and their dogs through ever growing and developing training methods, equipment and experiences. This is why we were delighted to receive Business of the Year Award from Portsmouths Action Coach the business development company.

This inspires me as an Agility Instructor and Coach. I will not only continue to strive to be at the top of my training game, but to expand my knowledge ever further through relationships with other trainers, businesses, young handlers and judges. I am very grateful for the team work and positive ethos and ethics provided at Sussex County Dog Training and am hopeful that this award is not the last and another leap forward in the ever growing world of dog training.

Congratulations Josie and the team.