Our online dog agility courses

This is our entry level course aimed at companion dog trainers and agility trainers seeking to establish good foundations for their agility classes. You will probably have less than 2 years experience teaching agility.

The modules in this course are comprehensive and have been developed with the aim of giving you the confidence to teach agility obstacles in a safe, fun way that does not skimp on technical ability. The course materials cover the basic handling skills, instructing skills and the foundations for teaching the Weaves, the A-Frame, Dog Walk and See Saw. The course also covers the basics of canine learning and general welfare issues relating to Agility dogs.

This course is aimed at instructors teaching competitive Agility and you will have at least 2 years practical experience as a Trainer. This course provides a firm basis for your Agility training and compliments the experience and instructing skills you have already.

Modules in this course cover instructing skills, as well as the foundation skills required for teaching the Weaves and the Contact equipment. The modules assume a degree of prior knowledge of instructing agility classes at competition level (at least 2 years experience teaching on a weekly basis).

Aimed at the Instructor with at least three years experience of teaching competitive Agility and will have a track record of instructing unsupervised at their club or privately.

Modules in this course cover the key considerations for providing a professional service, developing your instructing skills, the foundations for effective performance assessment, problem solving and nutrition for the Agility dog.

Please note, you must have completed and passed the “Instructor” practical assessment before commencing this course.

Agility1st Accreditation stands its own as mark of good quality Agility training and instructing.